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At this workshop you'll discover a step-by-step process to help YOU pursue financial freedom:

  • Value of the Real Estate Investor Mindset
  • How the Rich Leverage Assets and Liabilities
  • How to Build Your Power Team
  • Creative Ways to Finance Properties
  • Cash Flow Techniques to Generate Extra Income
  • How Asset Protection is Crucial to Your Future
  • Transitioning from Employee to Investor
  • New Airbnb, Social Housing and Much More!

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Valuable Gifts Just For Attending

Every attendee receives exclusive access to the 2 Free Real Estate Coaching Sessions* online as well as the Legacy Learning Series on Our goal is to help you every step of the way on your journey to financial freedom. That's why you will receive online access to these valuable tools and resources designed to help you get started on the right path.

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Coaching Sessions

Session 1
  • Real Estate Investor Mindset
  • Self-Assessment
  • Goal Setting
Session 2
  • Types of Strategies Used in Today's Real Estate Market
  • Knowing Your Market
  • Scenarios "Running the Numbers"
  • Building A Power Team

Legacy Learning Series Contents

  • Investor Mindset

    The Ways the Wealthy Think: Learn about income strategies, the evolution of the investor, and how to calculate return on investment with this introductory guide.
  • Guide to Real Estate Investing

    Discover how to develop an action plan with real estate investing and gain the confidence to pursue your goals. Learn about the circle of wealth, segmenting your market, building a power team and the building blocks to Wholesale strategy.
  • Investment Financing Mini eBook

    Open your mind to creative real estate financing. Explore current methods to potentially apply to your own property investment strategy.
  • Elite Wealth Action Plan

    Financial freedom means something different to everyone. At its core, it's about making your money work for you and building additional streams of income. This action plan can help clarify your financial goals, so you can get into action fast.
  • How to Obtain Credit

    Understanding credit is crucial - both personally and professionally. Find out how credit works and ways to use that knowledge.
  • Offer Submission Checklist

    This handy checklist includes critical steps and actions to help you determine whether to make an offer on a potential investment property.

About Legacy Education

Legacy Education celebrates over 25 years of providing practical, high-quality, and value-based educational training on the topics of personal finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, financial markets, investing strategies and techniques. Legacy Education is a global company committed to helping individuals build a legacy for themselves and their families by realizing their full potential through Legacy's four pillars of success: Motivation, Inspiration, Innovation & Education.

Top 4 FAQs

  1. Does the workshop cost anything?

    No. There is no cost to attend and you will receive additional learning resources as a gift. We do offer products and services for sale onsite and online if you decide to pursue training programs. You are under no obligation to buy.
  2. What is the duration of the workshop?

    The real estate workshop typically lasts 2-3 hours, including Q&A afterwards.
  3. What is the agenda of the workshop?

    This workshop will introduce you to the investor mindset. Our goal is to help build a foundation of knowledge that allows you to pursue your financial goals.
  4. Can I bring a guest?

    Yes, please invite anyone who wants to learn more about real estate and build a roadmap for their financial goals.